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A single professional woman in her early thirties, Ji-heun suddenly loses her job and flat. Her friend Kyung-rin helps Ji-heun again and lets her stay in her apartment for the time being. Unlike Ji-heun, Kyung-rin is a devoted housewife and lives a high class life. She seemed to have everything until she meets Dong-ju who happens to be her husband’s colleague. First hesitated, but soon Kyung-rin strongly turned on by a fatal relationship with him. Meanwhile, Ji-heun is surprised to know Kyung-rin’s husband actually has many things in common with her and they slowly open their mind to each other. Facing unexpected feelings and desire, these two begin a borderline love.

Director Kwon Chil-in's fourth feature film about the conflict between work and love. This movie is about a married couple. The wife's girl friend suddenly comes to live with them, and the wife falls in love with her husband's co-worker who she meets at the sports center.

Production Note

Director Kwon Chil-in again tells the story of people who have to make a choice. Love makes everything seem easy, but in reality, its harshness knocks them down. He is a male director, but he draws out the female's desires and perspective. He raises the bar of a common theme of adults' morals and the problem of the approach to love. These people find it hard to be mature and make a decision for themselves.

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