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Festival - 2010 S_Festival_2010
A bright sexy comedy about a wholesome town and four mysterious couples and their sneaky lives. It is the new work of director Lee Hae-yeong, who secured a spot as a new director with the work 'Like a Virgin'.

Directed by Lee Hae-yeong
Comedy/Romantic comedy/Romance.

Sin Ha-gyoon , As Police officer, Jang-bae .
Eom Ji-won , As English Teacher, Ji-soo .
Shim Hye-jin , As Hanbok store owner, Soon-sim (.
Seong Dong-il , As Hardware store owner, Gi-bong .
Ryoo Seung-beom , As Fish cake (odeng) seller, Sang-doo
Baek Jin-hee , As High school girl, Ja-hye .

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