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Post by raj05 on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:42 pm

Knockaround Guys is a 2002 gangster film starring Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel, John Malkovich and Dennis Hopper.

Matty Demaret (Barry Pepper) is the son of a mob boss, but he is used as little more than an errand boy. His relative and friend Chris (Andy Davoli) shares this urge to be part of something bigger, and Matty finally convinces his father to give him a job, with the help of his father's right-hand man Teddy (John Malkovich). Matty and Chris get their friend Johnny Marbles (Seth Green) to fly up to retrieve a bag full of money for Matty's father Benny "Chains" Demaret (Dennis Hopper), as there have been mysterious shortages in their money lately.
On the way back with the cash, Marbles stops in a small Montana town to refuel his personal plane. He has been instructed to guard the bag with his life so he takes the bag with him as he goes to pay for the fuel. However, Marbles sees the sheriff & his deputy and is paranoid that they may question him about the bag's contents. Marbles is also in possession of cocaine which he dumps on the runway. He drops the bag amongst a pile of luggage waiting to be loaded onto another flight, and despite telling the cashier to keep the change, the other flight takes off before he can retrieve his bag. Unknown to him, the bag of money was taken by two local teenage pothead skateboarders who work as baggage handlers at the airport.

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Knockaround Guys Empty Re: Knockaround Guys

Post by ramkumar on Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:29 pm

knockaround guys is 2002 super hit movie.i like this movie very is story about gangster.barry pepper role is very sup op.i like his role in this movie.

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