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Boiler Room (2000) Empty Boiler Room (2000)

Post by raj05 on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:39 pm

Boiler Room is a 2000 American drama film with themes of film noir, written and directed by Ben Younger, and starring Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long, Ben Affleck, Nicky Katt, Scott Caan, Tom Everett Scott, Ron Rifkin and Jamie Kennedy.
The film is based partly on the real life experiences of Jordan Belfort.

In 1999 Seth Davis (Ribisi), a 19-year-old college dropout who runs an illegal but successful underground casino in his Queens apartment. Because of dropping out of college and running an illegal business to support himself, his father Marty (Rifkin), a New York City federal judge disapproves of him and worries that Seth's criminal living may cost him his judgeship. In hopes to get on his father's good side, Seth joins J.T. Marlin, a brokerage firm based in a non-descript office building in or near Commack, NY, after Greg Weinstein (Katt) comes to his home to check out Seth's business and offers him a job at the firm. Seth agrees and becomes a trainee under Weinstein.

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