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Multi-Facial (1994 film) Empty Multi-Facial (1994 film)

Post by raj05 on Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:18 pm

Multi-Facial is a 1994 short film produced by and starring Vin Diesel. The story depicts the professional and emotional issues faced by Mike (Diesel), a multiracial (Italian and African American) actor. The film was noticed by director Steven Spielberg, who would cast Diesel in Saving Private Ryan (1998). The film was released on DVD in 1999.

The film starts with a close shot of Mike (Vin Diesel) with a tattooed biceps delivering a profanity-laced anecdote in an Italian accent. The monologue is about getting into a fight with another man in a restaurant for looking at his girlfriend. The anecdote ends with Mike saying that he discovered the man was a homosexual, so he beat up his girlfriend instead, and is surprised that she doesn't call him anymore.
The camera shifts to reveal that Mike is at an audition for an Italian role. The casting director expresses interest and has Mike speak Italian before telling him they’ll get back to him. When the director asks Mike where the monologue came from, Mike says that it’s a true story that happened to a friend of his. Outside, Mike gets on a payphone and calls his manager without an Italian accent. He complains about the monologue (which wasn’t a true story), saying it was offensive and he worries that it will keep him from getting the job. Mike wipes the tattoo off his arm and goes on to his next audition.

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