The Boy Who Loved Trolls

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The Boy Who Loved Trolls  Empty The Boy Who Loved Trolls

Post by raj05 on Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:02 pm

The Boy Who Loved Trolls is a 1984 American Fantasy/Adventure film. The story was adapted by James A. DeVinney from a play by John Wheatcroft. The original play, entitled Ofoeti, was telecast in 1966, on NET Playhouse.

12-year-old Paul would like nothing more than for the magical trolls and mermaids he reads about in his favorite story to be real. He goes searching for a real troll and finally meets one named Ofoeti, who has friends like Kalotte, a mermaid, and Socrates, a talking turtle. Soon the mermaid's home is threatened by an evil bridge builder. Paul also discovers that Ofoeti is dying and has less than a day to live. Paul must see if he has what it takes to risk everything and save his new friends.

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